OncoImmunoQuantifier (OIQ) is a free computer program to automatically quantify tumor-infiltrating immune cells in images of selected fields of immunohistochemical slides. The first thing to check is the quality of the slides to be analyzed. Indeed, it is naive to expect reliable results from sub-optimal slides, even if you had the best capture system in the world. A feature of OIQ is to analyze images in the simplest way possible to minimize unpredictable bias caused by computer-based image processing. In fact, in our sample series we found that the simpler the image processing, the greater the statistical significance in the results of the survival curves.

       OIQ manages up to six antibodies and four capture sites. Up to 99 images per antibody can be managed per acquisition site. It is recommended to capture images at low magnification (e.g. 4x or 5x) to evaluate large areas of the slide in order to get more significant results and because the cell detection algorithm has been optimized for the task. Graphics files must be at least 24-bit RGB and need to be saved in Bmp, Jpeg or Tiff format. The size of captured images can be variable, while the resolution (dpi) must be constant. The maximum file size is regulated by the program.

       It is essential to plan your work carefully BEFORE running the app. In fact, the program will follow you in all its operations, but it is better if you know what to do first. A) It is necessary to establish the magnification with which to capture the images to be analyzed (for example: 4x). B) It is necessary to decide in which areas of the slides the images are to be captured (for example: tumor infiltrating margin and tumor center). C) It is necessary to establish how many images to capture for each area (the number of images naturally depends on the magnification of the lens: in case of low magnification the number of images can be low, while with a higher magnification it will be necessary to capture a larger number of fields). After planning these points, you can run the app more easily, starting from the "Start -> Set folders and labels" section.

Information: If you have problems getting a satisfactory detection of positive cells, don't hesitate to send us some of your images via email. We will help you to find the correct program settings to get the best performance from the images.


THE SEPARATION BETWEEN THE CAPTURE OF IMAGES AND THEIR PROCESSING allows you to better plan workflow. The image capture can indeed be done once and for all, while analysis can be repeated / checked / displayed at any time without the slides and the microscope. Moreover, you can transfer setup from one PC to another with one file, so images captured on a computer can be analyzed in other workstations, and shared on the Internet for remote analysis.


   OIQ needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 installed on Windows. OIQ can also work on MacOS, Linux or other OS through the simple installation of Windows on the free Oracle VM VirtualBox platform. We can provide instructions for installing VirtualBox and Windows, and for sharing a folder for exchanging data between OIQ and the operating system of the physical computer on which Oracle VM VirtualBox has been installed. Finally, keep in mind that you must have a validly licensed copy of Windows.

Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes evaluation Oncoimmunoquantifier

Legal statement

Onco-Immuno-Quantifier (OIQ) ver. 06.01 is to be used for Research Purposes only and for no other purpose. The term 'Research Purposes' means scientific research programs directly under the user's control, which are specifically directed to the purposes of internal research and not for any Commercial Purpose. You are free to use the program and its results in accordance with this legal statement.